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Riding The Wave is written by me, Thomas Holland. A bit about myself:

  • A little over 1600 Investors on Etoro have chosen to allocate funds ($1 Million+) for me to manage & invest in cryptocurrency on their behalf via Etoro's PI program. Feel free to check out my stats here my strategy here& learn more about the program here. I have also been followed on Etoro by over 347,000 members.

  • I graduated with a bachelor's in Computer Science and a minor in Computational & Mathematical Biology in 2020

  • I worked after graduation as a Data engineer & currently work as a Solution Architect.

Newsletters purpose

This Newsletter focuses on providing information on the Cryptocurrency space, including but not limited to:

  • News Summaries

  • Weekly Updates with analysis of technical indicators and overall market sentiment

  • My perspective on where we may be going in the short, medium, & long term, as well as why we may get various different outcomes

  • Deep dive articles covering specific topics (Ex: how do I choose an altcoin to invest in? How can I invest in Crypto other than just buying coins/tokens, reviews on specific coins/tokens, etc.)

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News Summary Articles

Within News summaries, I will select recent news articles and provide links, summaries, & my thoughts relative to their content. (Example)


Table of Contents

  1. Bitcoin's 3 Year Anniversary

  2. China-Underground

  3. Crypto & Developing Countries

  4. Crypto Taxes Still Lack Clarity

  5. Web 3.0?

  6. Whos Buying?

Bitcoin's 3 Year Anniversary

Just like Bull runs have peaks, Bear runs have bottoms, Bitcoin just reached its 3 year anniversary of this last bear runs bottom of a $3.1k Bitcoin. Analysts think we may see another dip although they doubt Bitcoin will go lower than the $40,000 range.

Conversely, a “max pain” scenario would in fact be a run higher toward $60,000, fellow trader Filbfilb argued this week.



CNBC interviewed a Bitcoin miner in China who has continued to mine even after the ban.

Although Beijing exiled its crypto miners in May and then doubled down on its mining ban in September and again in November, multiple sources tell CNBC that as much as 20% of all the world’s bitcoin miners remain in China. This is well off its peak of around 65% to 75% of the global market, but it is substantially more than an official estimate from Cambridge University that puts China’s current share at 0%.

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Riding The Wave
Riding The Wave News Summary #1
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Weekly Outlook

Within my Weekly Outlook, I will focus on combining technical indicators, current events, & any other information I have available to show which outcomes I think are possible. I will also explain which results I believe are most likely, backing them up with data. (Example)


Table of Contents

  1. Where are we Short-term?

  2. Where are we Long term?

  3. Supporting Evidence

Where are we short-term?

At this exact moment, I am cautiously optimistic. We have just broken out of no man’s land above the 50 week Simple Moving Average (Yellow Line in image 1).

Image 1
Image 1 Current Bull Run

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Riding The Wave
Riding The Wave Weekly Outlook #1
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Deep Dive Articles

Within my Deep Dive articles, I will focus on a specific topic (Ex: How to select Alt-coins, How to minimize risk when investing in cryptocurrencies, Ways to earn money via cryptocurrencies beyond purely buying and selling, specific Altcoin reviews). (Example) (List of all Deep Dives) (Where to see upcoming deep dives) (Area to Request Deep Dives)


Table of Contents

  1. General advice to consider before getting started/beyond investing in a single coin

  2. Different types of Analysis

  3. What's its purpose?

  4. Tokenomics 

  5. Competition

  6. Current Price & Past Performance

  7. How can I buy?

  8. Who is the team?

  9. The Code

  10. Helpful Tools & Sites

  11. An example of this approach applied using some of the tools mentioned

General advice to consider before getting started/beyond investing in a single coin

These are some topics I think need to be considered before investing in the crypto space, even though they aren't directly relevant to the buying of an individual project.

  • Risk what you can afford: Within Crypto, it's easy to get swept up in the wild percentage increases and the stories of overnight millionaires, but people often forget about all of the investors who risked everything on one coin or token growing overnight but instead lost almost everything. Some investors go a step further and will buy via taking a loan or using leverage, both of which I would recommend against; Crypto swings down just as hard and fast as it swings up. Due to this, before putting any money towards Crypto, you should figure out how much you can afford to risk. Here is a starter answer I have on my FAQ for Etoro that can help you to determine what you can afford to comfortably risk:

    "I am a pretty strong proponent of the "only invest what you are comfortable with losing" mindset. To figure out your risk tolerance, I would keep in mind where you are at in life in terms of career life cycle & commitments. For me, since I am at the beginning of my career( far from retirement) with low debts(currently have some from college debt) & low commitment (no kids just a dog, and apartment bills) I am comfortable with risking the majority of savings minus enough to pay all bills for the next couple of months (to protect against an emergency situation). I am also comfortable with leaving this money in for 1-5 years till the next bull in the off case we missed this runs top & plan to leave a large amount of my money in here either way. My strategy also keeps between 5% (at the crypto bear market) & 80% (at where I think we are near the peak) to the side as cash which allows me to be more comfortable putting this much funds in. Your comfort level is going to be different than mine though based on the factors above as well as many others so I would recommend looking through your life for similar factors & coming to a decision that matches your life. Hopefully, that helps, and don't feel pressured to put in a ton all at once. There is nothing wrong with Dollar-cost averaging in as you become more comfortable, it is a proven tactic 👍 There are also many waves (Not just Crypto or even this specific crypto bull run), just because you aren’t able to go all-in at this exact moment doesn't mean there won't be more opportunities throughout life to do research and put your money where you think the future is headed. "

    I would also like to note that I am taking an extremely high-risk approach as I have determined that is what I am currently comfortable with. In the future, as I have more dependencies, I will distribute my net worth across several assets and not just Crypto to protect myself against its high volatility.

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Riding The Wave
Deep Dive #1: A framework for picking Coins/Tokens to invest in
This article aims to provide a framework outlining the steps I take when considering whether to invest in a coin or token (specifically fungible tokens). I would advise using this as a framework to develop your own process you use within your strategy or strategies. There is no perfect guide, but hopefully, this will provide you with a strong start. If you have any questions when reading, please comment on the article, and I will be happy to respond. Also, as always, this is not financial advice (Full Disclaimer at the bottom, I include this everywhere : ) …
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In the future, I may cover other waves as Crypto is one of many different opportunities available to invest in at the moment. I am currently choosing to focus on it as I think it is the easiest to invest in (smallest capital requirements, large amounts of available information on how it behaves as a market, still relatively early in adoption, which provides higher odds of investments overperforming).

Disclaimer: The information in this Newsletter is not financial, legal, or tax advice. I only trade on Etoro; if you are reached out to by people requesting you join a group or provide money, it is not me. My only public social media accounts are this Substack page, my Youtube page, and my Etoro page; any others you see online are not me.